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It's always a little weird writing an about section about yourselves isn't it?

I mean where do you even start?


Well let's start with Hi! It's Brent and Caitlin here, the team behind Trip Tags - the travel stickers, magnets and custom-made travel journals that celebrate Australia’s unique landscape, landmarks and locations.

We are a husband and wife team, with two little ones in tow, soon to be three! We were struggling in the daily grind of too many hours working, social commitments and family life and with Brent's long service leave available we decided to quit our jobs, rent the house out and pack all four of us into our 15ft 1970s caravan. 

After scouring many local tourism centres and tobacco stores to find, quite frankly, some pretty unattractive and dated travel magnets to document our journey, we decided we could make something much better! Introducing Trip Tags! 

We hope our stickers, magnets and travel journal help you capture your own memories as you explore our vast and wonderful country. Whether you’ve holidayed there every year for the past decade, spent a weekend there or it’s where you’re lucky enough to call home grab your Trip Tag to help capture the memories. 

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